2017 paranormal news was pretty much the same old same old with your usual sightings of UFOs, ghosts, sea monsters and bigfoot. But a city in the clouds? Like the same city from Hulk 169? Maybe this is Asgard? LOL Loki DOES have a penthouse suite after all! It WAS interesting how this event was swept under the carpet during the Summer of 2017 without any explanation. It’s up to YOU to help us solve this mystery! WHAT IS IT?


A Legendary Question

You’ve heard it, right? Everyone has heard the timeless keyboard hook and melody on the radio, in the movies and on TV. The groove grabs you in the first 5 seconds, and then *POW*: Question Mark’s vocals bring it all together on ’96 Tears’, ‘I Need Somebody’ and “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby”. There it is! I see the ‘oh yah’ in your eyes – you saw the videos. Yes, Question Mark is indeed a godfather of rock n’ roll. And he wants you to visit his web site

Do it today. Go visit your godfather of rock n’ roll. He DOES answer emails and messages from time to time, so YES: You may receive a special message from the Question. Want to score extra credit points in Groovy?

CLICK HERE Go join Question Mark’s Facebook Page!

Where Wolf sez


AROOOOO!!! Hey human! You just stumbled upon a dangerous place. I mean, I could bite your fingers off right now, but I guess I’ll cut you a break. Hey! You like grilling? There’s nothing like char-broiled BS to get my rocks off, and YouTube’s pants are on fire. Did you get one of those bully letters from youtube telling you how much of a loser you are? You girly-creator….how DARE you call yourself a youtuber all plastic and pretentious. Makes me wanna disembowel someone. Well, ok, maybe not that drastic. Perhaps pissing in their birthday cake. Yah. That’s the ticket. And then let’s take our business to Twitch, Daily Motion, Veoh, Vimeo, Periscope, and whatever new app is rocking the iPad universe. Monopolies suck.