Toss some rice on it, Donna, and get ready for one of the best epic pics of a sea serpent. Ever.
Willy Weasel here to talk about the latest sighting of humps. Or what is that junk inside your trunk and what about them hump hump humps? Aliens could have landed and abducted Ohio. And you still wouldn’t have noticed. Cuz you’re too busy lured in by sex and scandal and the relationships of the royals, or have you forgotten who REALLY taxed your ass this time? Rule of thumb: The 1% elite ruling class will ALWAYS use sex to blind everyone, while behind closed doors, they’re passing a law to gather up the homeless and grind them into spam.

So as much as we may gasp and demonize our latest picture post, remember: I vank a true news and nada lotta sex n’ lies.

BTW: You can read the REAL sea serpent story HERE at the Daily Mail UK.



Some of us partied a wee bit too much on St. Patty’s Day. Unfortunately, the sea serpent that washed ashore in Georgia was yet another statistic in the long list list of those who tried to conquer the green keg but failed. The green skin gives it away. And as sure as we are any bar scholar, the ocean-going giant most certainly shrank as result of the curse of the leprechaun. So there it lay, much like millions of us after St. Patricks Day partying, wiped out, crippled in the mud with loss of all faculties. We could argue Bob Dutko apologetics all day over this. But just like millions of us, we’re not apologizing for our partying lifestyle. Cheers to green beer sea serpent thing-a-ma-jig. You lived large.


It would be totally DOPE. I mean, wouldn’t YOU like to visit your Facebook friends on the other side of the world, have that EPIC gathering, beer n’ BBQ, friends on the lake, experiencing the culture, the real thing? Or how about that soul mate you’ve been chatting with for years now? You know, that someone you’ve been saving for the multi-thousand dollar round-trip ticket and that dreaded 56-hour flight on multiple airplanes, jets, junk busses and boats only to be turned away at the border because the new Coup d’├ętat hates everyone from your country. Or worse, they detain you for ransom.
No joke about it, ( yup – a country will check your facebook for crude remarks as an excuse to lock you up ), we live in an isolationist society where love and brotherhood are forbidden to flourish. OMG! What would the aliens in power do if we the people came together as a worldwide community instead of their subdivided isolated new world order?
10 minutes to ascend to point A origin and assign point Z destination. 5 minutes to get to point Z. 5 minutes to landing pad and aircraft power source zero point. 15 minutes ago your anti-grav aircraft departed JFK in NYC. Now you’re in Tokyo, Japan waiting for the pilot to give the OK to remove your seatbelts and gather your overhead luggage. And your ticket was about the same price as train fare from Detroit to Chicago. The power source on your new aircraft is linked in between the sun’s radiation, cosmic energy, and earth’s magnet field.

Why did America rush into WW2? Those German scientists were a hot item. When the USA recon saw the Nazi UFO tech in action, America took it to a whole nuther level to get John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt and his associates into instant citizenship with perks. And while the powermongers kept billions hypnotized by spending billions to send giant firecrackers to the moon and scare even more billions with cold war and other weapons of mass distraction, we had a functioning Mars base with all the comforts of home by 2001. ( ok, so they DON’T have drive thru and Wal-Mart. Yet. )

So yes, we DID fulfill Stanley’s vision. And not with Pan Am.
Indeed. Everytime we at Crazy Mark TV see a UFO, we don’t gasp in amazement and point on in wonder, fumbling for our cameras to shoot the 100 millionth out-of-focus dot in the sky. Instead we have a shit fit and wonder why we don’t have our 15 minutes from Detroit to Sydney, London, Paris, Barcelona or Dracula’s Castle in Romania.
And to think: by the time you’ve finished gawking this blog, you’ve just about arrived at your destination on the other side of the planet. Even if it’s a flat Earth. But that’s a whole nuther ball – or pancake – of wax.