Grandpa told me when I was a kid: Two types of people have Tattoos (1) Convicts (2) Military.

With ink culture growing among 60% of ALL girls/women in America as they purchase visible tattoos compared to 40% of ALL men, we have to stop the bus and take 5. I mean, really. Is there some sort of alien acid trip shift going on with the sexes?

We once had an overnighter with a nice ‘all-American girl’: She seemed to have it all together, then the shirt came off. BLAMO!!! It was like she got drunk and had an even drunker tattoo ‘artist wanna-be’ slam a faded slop job, like blue-black vomit, all over her abs. She wasn’t covering up a C-section or some creepy parasitic twin face, so why ruin the bod? And hell & bother, a friend met a woman at a grocery store where they hit it off, and that evening, they were going at it hot and heavy. Then the shirt came off. BLAMO!!! There was Satan on her breast!

It’s like there’s a whole generation of girls who want to be guys. Or maybe they were guys and now they’re girls. Like a reincarnation thing. You know, they served in Vietnam or Afghanistan in a past life. They stepped on a mine, and BLAMO!!! DEAD. It was FAST. One minute, they’re infantry, the next minute, they’re an infant.

And now they’re a girl. No wonder so many girls are uncomfortable in their own flesh. Same for the guys who are back from their previous housewife lives. So for the ladies who were general and major, it only seems logical that a service man would want to get back to collecting tats.

Or maybe she was a convict. Bet that inspires abstinence to whoever’s reading this!

George Patton was knowledgeable about reincarnation. Many scriptures detail the circle of life, death, rinse, repeat. Maybe you have dreams about a past life. You’ve been somewhere, and suddenly you get that Matrix Deja Vu wow I could’ve had a V8 kind of feeling.

So the next time you’re chilling with a girl rocking lots of tats, maybe thank her for his previous service to whatever country he served in his past life. Just sayin….


Graduation Week – Monster News

Hey! We’re graduating by the seat of our pants this week!
So now we’re going to post a few freakish links and some videos.
Then we’re going to ask for kickstarter money so we can produce a horror slasher with killer klowns. Who’s in?
Senior Prank!!!
Dinosaur Visits New Jersey?!?
Bigfoot Moving into DETROIT?!?


There can only be one GAGA. Diva wars behind the scenes is legendary, and when the turf is tainted by another lioness, thangs can go from chill to crazy psychopathic insane in seconds. FYI: there really IS such a thing as an ‘overnight’ success, especially when your parents are tied in with high power corporate and government. If you’re NOT connected, give up now. You’ll maybe make it to big fish in a small pond. Chances are, you’re blowing your bucks on a dream that WON’T come true.

But then there are those like Nasim Sabz who work their ass off, go days without sleep and push Red Bull stock thru the roof. They publish content that everyone wants to see, except for those in power, especially if they LOOK like someone currently in power. And if you’re pissing off the ‘real deal’, LOOKOUT! PERHAPS such was the fate of Nasime when she fancied the blonde wig that pumped her viewership thru the roof. Despite the crazy Ga-Ga-like image she portrayed in her content, some sources behind the scenes say that Ms. Sabz was a kind-hearted person who would have rather decompressed with a lap cat and a classic book. NOT firearms. But all the good claims and references mean nothing when those in power want you gone.

All of that is nothing compared to witchcraft, HAARP and The Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Put these together and focus them on a location, and BAM! Turns peaceful people into KILLER CLOWNS! Think about it: We know friends who were cut off from nice sums of Youtube payola. BUT They didn’t journey to Youtube with guns, bazookas and burning crosses!

No. Someone in power wanted Nasime gone for good. She was set-up thru hypnosis and negative Middle East Radical Islam profiling. This kind woman met a mind-controlling fate no one deserves. And just because girls wanna have fun and express themselves.

Nobody deserved any part of the YouTube tragedy. Not those victims on the wrong end of the gun, not the victim warped into wielding a firearm, not those who lost their YouTube monetization, and especially the arms dealership with loosey goosey requirements for gun ownership. With such pain and suffering, where’s Jesus and Mighty Mouse when you really need them?


Toss some rice on it, Donna, and get ready for one of the best epic pics of a sea serpent. Ever.
Willy Weasel here to talk about the latest sighting of humps. Or what is that junk inside your trunk and what about them hump hump humps? Aliens could have landed and abducted Ohio. And you still wouldn’t have noticed. Cuz you’re too busy lured in by sex and scandal and the relationships of the royals, or have you forgotten who REALLY taxed your ass this time? Rule of thumb: The 1% elite ruling class will ALWAYS use sex to blind everyone, while behind closed doors, they’re passing a law to gather up the homeless and grind them into spam.

So as much as we may gasp and demonize our latest picture post, remember: I vank a true news and nada lotta sex n’ lies.

BTW: You can read the REAL sea serpent story HERE at the Daily Mail UK.