FUTURISM: Happy Birthday!

When Filippo Marinetti published his FUTURIST MANIFESTO in Le FIGARO, a prestigious newspaper from Paris ( which his father held stock in ), on this day of February 20, 1909, the world changed forever. The law graduate-turned-angry-poet was on a mission to shut down the old ways, museums, schools, libraries, and replace them with his Futurist vision.

Kind of sounds like what ALL of us angry young artists want to do, eh? Glorify war, shut down feminism and other such utilitarian forms of cowardice, yada yada and open a giant comic book shop that stays open 24-7 with a booze lounge and live rock bands. I remember those days in my youth, but I didn’t have a rich dad who could get my manifesto of robots and monsters published. And nobody rallied to my cause, ‘cuz seriously, I was nuttier then than I am now.

Nutty as Filippo was, though, he managed to rally brilliant artists to his cause and deliver dynamic new imagery, stage performance, architecture, music, and yes, even a FUTURIST COOK BOOK, which, to his surprise, was gaining popularity as he passed from this world December 2, 1944.

Marinetti got a bad rap for being a fascist too, and as radical as he and his Manifesto was from the get go, he found himself gradually turning away from the mindset after Mussolini gave him the cold shoulder and subscribed to Hitler’s Degernerate Art. Mussolini’s mistress, miss ravioli sauce, or whoever she was who knew NOTHING about art, was placed in charge of directing Filippo and his associates thru the remainder of WW2. This pretty much marked the end of the Futurist movement.

We solute you, Filippo Marinetti, for delivering onto the world the fine art of Balla, Severini, Carra, Crali, Nevinson, Ugo and so many more….. the sculpture of Umberto Boccioni….The music of Luigi Russolo….and the graphic design of Fortunato Depero, whose style is seen to this day in and inspiring commercial advertising everywhere. THANK YOU.