With the passage of the FAKE NEWS ban in Malaysia, we’re more than certain that many a journalist is reconsidering this destination for vacation. If we’re Mcluvin’ a destination, we’ll hang out for a few weeks and explore, chill with the locals, buy their beer and ghost hunt.
But for 6 years? Willy Weasel is not a fan of being hustled from plane to jail because of a joke piece he wrote in 2006. There ARE destinations out there that WILL look up your social media history and punk you as an example. Just like in that movie Midnight Express. Yah, you could say we’re really, really scurred to visit places with lots of sand. Or where the government changes ‘leadership’ every 38 hours.
Paul Bunyan reminds us that America is still the land of the free with something awesome called the First Amendment. Yah, sure, if you’re nuts like us, there’s a good chance you’ll be a wallflower for life.¬†Our hat’s off to a government that’s basically structured the same as it’s ever been for 200 years now, doing their best to keep up with a population that’s exploded from 2.5 million in 1776 to 327 million as of last year.

Maybe we need to split up the USA and hire more presidents?
Or maybe we need more Weekly World News?
Like Men In Black say, it’s the REAL news!