Toss some rice on it, Donna, and get ready for one of the best epic pics of a sea serpent. Ever.
Willy Weasel here to talk about the latest sighting of humps. Or what is that junk inside your trunk and what about them hump hump humps? Aliens could have landed and abducted Ohio. And you still wouldn’t have noticed. Cuz you’re too busy lured in by sex and scandal and the relationships of the royals, or have you forgotten who REALLY taxed your ass this time? Rule of thumb: The 1% elite ruling class will ALWAYS use sex to blind everyone, while behind closed doors, they’re passing a law to gather up the homeless and grind them into spam.

So as much as we may gasp and demonize our latest picture post, remember: I vank a true news and nada lotta sex n’ lies.

BTW: You can read the REAL sea serpent story HERE at the Daily Mail UK.