Super Bowl Blackout: What Really Happened?

So just what was the craziest TV commercial during the Super Bowl? I don’t know about you, but many will say the silent black ad of nothing. There you were, just sitting mesmerized, staring out into a sea of nothing. Like maybe something was trying to get a message to you, like some sort of subliminal popcorn thing they used to flash at moviegoers years ago to buy more popcorn.

That said, perhaps it was a frequency programming test on everyone: Sound and visuals slightly above or below the range of human hearing and eye sight. So if this WAS a mass hypnosis experiment, has your diet changed? Do you now cluck like a chicken? Do you have the sudden urge to run out and buy Oprah merch? Or maybe you suddenly want to take up basket weaving and birdhouse building.

Please comment and let us know if you are the same as it ever was after viewing the blackout, or if you suddenly have the urge to see Saturday Night Fever.

CLUE: Did your dog, cat, chinchilla, ETC go bonkers during the Super Bowl Blackout? HOLLA AT US!